We are specializing on the food processing  industry equipment. We offer a wide range of equipment for processing meat, poultry and fish. Well-developed partner network and valuable experience of our specialists allows us to provide a full range of solutions depending on client’s requirements and technological processes.

Our portfolio consists
of different types of projects, such as complex, individual solutions.
Each project involves maximum customer support at all stages of the development process:




Staff training

Warranty service

Post-warranty service

We help

our customers
to stay competitive
and develop their business

We know

how to implement innovative technology
and efficient equipment, helping clients
to utilize resources effectively and maximise profits.

Our philosophy

is to provide  successful solutions that enhance
efficiency of each stage of the production process 

The principles we follow are:

Individual approach

We value

all the customer’s needs, hence the implementation
of each project is based
on the client’s technological, financial and technical requirements.
We create the best solutions to achieve the necessary objectives.

Effectiveness and innovations

We implement

new technology and
global best experience.
It helps our clients to respond rapidly  and effectively  to constantly changing market needs.

quality and reliability

We use

the most reliable and effective instruments on
the basis of the highest standards.
We do high quality work
in accordance with the timelines and plans

responsibility and partnership

We carry responsibility

for the projects we implement,
we follow the arrangements and build  strong relations with our clients, colleagues and partners.